Dinnerware for Hetricks

During the last couple months of 2016 I was given one of my biggest ceramic projects: an 8-piece dinnerware set. I was so thankful to have the opportunity to make this set for some dear friends as a part of their wedding registry. It was a huge task. And I was 9 months pregnant trying to finish it up, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It was really good for me to have a specific goal and focus as I anticipate the birth of my first child.



I learned a lot through crafting and orchestrating all these pieces. While I knew I wanted it to look cohesive (all the mugs the same size, the bowls nest well with each other), I also knew I wasn't very good at that skill. I tend have everything a different size and form. But as a ceramic artist I know uniformity is so important. It's important for making your 'brand' and important for selling your work. In undergrad I learned the importance of making sets rather than single pieces. Making this dinnerware set has inspired me to focus more on sets during the first couple months of 2017.


Thank you, JonMark and Heather for this great opportunity. My hope for the set is to bring a special warmth to your home as you share it with each other and friends and family for years to come. I believe handmade pottery does wonders for a welcoming home and inspiring for a good home-cooked meal. (If you are a friend of the Hetricks and want to contribute to their set I still have their page up on my sight--Hetrick Registry.)

I am working on new sets (smaller sets) to display variety of roles a set can have. If you would like to commission your own set for your current home or for your wedding registry (or for someone else, what a great wedding gift!) feel free to contact me. I do hope to have visual samples within in the next couple months. 

These are the options I plan to offer:

The Everyday Set - 4 mugs, 4 bowls, 4 plates

The Breakfast Set - 4 mugs, 4 fruit bowls, 4 breakfast plates, water pitcher, creamer + sugar canister, berry bowl, teapot.

The Lunch Set - 6 cups, 6 soup bowls, 6 plates, water pitcher, serving bowl, serving platter

Let me know if you have any other set ideas in mind!


Peace to you all,